Aura rewards

Here at Aura we offer a reward programme that reflects how safely you drive and enables you to earn a discount off your renewal premium – The safer you drive the larger the reward.

young lady holding theo black box device in car

The current reward scheme we are offering is as follows:

  • Install your device within 24 hours of receiving it and earn approx. 5% off your renewal premium.
  • Increase your discount throughout your policy term by earning a point per completed block that has an overall score of 85+ and an Eco score greater than 3 stars.
  • There are additional ways to top up your points with positive driving behaviours.

However, you need to be aware that if you receive a warning during the policy term this will result in points being deducted reducing the pot available at renewal.

Potential rewards that could be earnt:

  • Install device within 24 hours.
  • Premium paid – £1400.
  • Mileage completed – 10,000.
  • Points achieved – 50% of driven block.
  • No warnings.

Total discount = £149.00