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Black box insurance that rewards safer drivers

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Black box car insurance

At Aura, we believe safer drivers should pay less for their car insurance. Our black box insurance rewards safer drivers by offering lower premiums at renewal and providing access to exclusive rewards. 

Unlike traditional car insurance, which calculates your premiums based on the driving habits of similar drivers, black box insurance calculates your insurance based on how you drive. The safer you drive, the more money you could save. So, whether you’re a new driver starting out or an experienced driver looking to save money on your car insurance, Aura offers a personalised solution that’s tailored to your needs.

No driving curfews

With our black box insurance policies, there are no night-time driving restrictions, so you can drive where you want, whenever you want.

Real time driving data

Your device captures real time driving data where you can track your journeys, driving score and mileage usage through the app.

Accident assistance

In-car Alexa voice assistance allows your device to communicate with you if it detects an accident. It can guide you through the claims process and contact the emergency services if necessary.

How does black box insurance work?

Our black box insurance calculates the cost of your premiums based on your driving performance. To do this, we ask you to fit a small device to your car’s windscreen. The device collects information about your car’s mileage, where, when and how it is driven.

This device is approximately the size of a small mobile phone and will not obstruct your driving view. No professional fitting is required, your device comes pre-assembled and is quick and easy to fit.

Once you’ve fitted the device, download the free Aura app to your smartphone to access your driving data. You have full control over your data and when to share it. 

Your device will calculate a driving score, which helps us to measure how safely you are driving. 

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Install your device

Installing your device to your car’s windscreen should only take a few minutes. No professional fitting required, so there’s no waiting around for an engineer or having to pay extra for installation.

Download the app

Once you’ve fitted your device, download the Aura app from the Apple and Android app stores, track your journeys, monitor your driving score and manage claims.


Gain access to rewards

You can gain access to better rewards and discounts at renewal as your driving improves.

How we calculate your driving score?


We calculate your overall score based on how often you speed, how economically you drive, the time of day you drive and your journey duration.


Your Speed score is determined by the number of times you exceed the speed limit.

Eco driving

Your Eco driving score is calculated by looking at how your car speeds up, slows down and is driven around bends & corners.

Time of day

Although our policies do not come with driving curfews, driving at peak times, or late at night, may affect your score.

Journey duration

We monitor your journey duration and your score will be affected should your journeys exceed 2 hours without a break.

Learn more about how we calculate your driver score.

Theo Key features

Easy to install, windscreen mounted device. 

Crash detection and assistance.

The device uses solar power to replenish its battery life.

theo black box device

Wireless black box device.

Alexa voice assistance technology.

No mobile phone required for data transmission. Data collected every second.