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How we use your driving data

At Aura, we are committed to protecting your data. When you buy car insurance through us, we ask you to install a telematics device in your car which collects data on your driving. This helps us calculate your insurance premiums.

man sitting down in a cafe looking at driving score on mobile phone

What driving data we collect

Your device collects data on:

  • The date and time you drive your car.
  • The speed you drive.
  • How you brake.
  • Distance travelled.
  • The type and speed limit of roads the vehicle travels on.

The data we collect will help us calculate your driving score and can impact your insurance premiums. In some cases, where we identify poor driving behaviour, we may cancel your policy. So, driving responsibly will not only help keep you safe on the roads, it can help keep insurance premium low.

How your driving data can help you

Your device has crash detection which notifies us if you’re vehicle has had an impact, so that our claims team can contact you if you need further support. It collects data about the vehicle and cannot distinguish who is driving it

The telematics app can help locate your vehicle if it’s been stolen or you simply forget where you’ve left it.

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