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traffic travelling along a busy road with bus lane

What Happens If You Drive In A Bus Lane By Mistake?

Driving in a bus lane by mistake can result in a fine, which varies depending on the location. However, penalty points are not usually issued for this offence. Nevertheless, motorists should familiarise themselves with road signs, markings, and routes to avoid unintentionally driving in a bus lane.

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Black car speeding on UK road

What Happens If You Speed With A Black Box?

Occasionally driving slightly above the speeding limit shouldn’t negatively impact your overall driving score. You may receive a warning from your insurer to be more mindful of speed limits. However, excessive or persistent speeding or engaging in unsafe driving practices can not only increase your premiums; it may result in your policy getting cancelled.

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car speeding past 20mph maximum speed sign on English country road

UK Speed Limits: Here’s What You Need To Know

Speed limits vary depending on the type of road you’re driving on and the vehicle that you’re using. However, a speed limit of 30 miles per hour usually applies on roads with regular street lighting unless there are signs that state otherwise.

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