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Demands and needs

Statement of your demands and needs

If you have bought your insurance online you will not have received any advice from us in choosing your insurance product/s.

Your Demands and Needs are understood to be those of an individual who has a need for Motor Insurance who wants to insure against third party liability, following a road accident and who may also want to insure against either fire, theft or accidental damage to their vehicle.

In addition, the following policies are included in your policy at no additional cost.

Legal Protection Claims Service

This is included at no additional charge, to enable you to protect your legal costs and expenses, together with having access to uninsured loss recovery support and legal assistance arising out of any road traffic accidents in which you were involved. The service is arranged by On Insurance and underwritten by Financial & Legal Insurance Company Limited.

Breakdown cover

This is included at no additional charge, to enable you to protect yourself from mechanical or electrical failures/breakages or damage caused by accident, vandalism, theft or attempted theft which renders your vehicle immobile, while away from the home, in the United Kingdom. Your Breakdown policy is administered and underwritten by ERS.

Replacement vehicle

This is included at no additional cost and provides cover for a hire vehicle, whilst your vehicle is rendered un-driveable or is being repaired following a single road traffic collision for which you have been held at fault or for a fire, malicious damage or theft or attempted theft. The administrator of your policy is Strategic Insurance Services Ltd, and your policy is underwritten by Astrenska Insurance Ltd.

It is important that before selecting to purchase any Motor Insurance product you consider whether the Insurance you have chosen is appropriate for you. You should also read all product literature thoroughly before deciding whether it is suitable for your needs. It is important to note that the additional products are included with this policy at no additional cost.

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